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Embark on a transformative weightlifting journey with Olympifit, located in Shoalwater, WA, with nearly two decades of excellence in weightlifting. Led by owner Bob Pavone, our gym caters from kids to seniors and competitive athletes.

Experience the best weightlifting programming in Perth – tailored to your goals, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned lifter. Join us to master weightlifting techniques, improve strength and mobility, and relish the joy of celebrating milestones with fellow members.

Get in touch today and receive a FREE weightlifting session with one-on-one guidance from Coach Bob Pavone!
Olympic weightlifting programming Perth
weightlifting Programming Perth

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Get in touch today and receive a FREE weightlifting session with one-on-one guidance from Coach Bob Pavone!

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Located in the beachy suburb of Shoalwater, close to Rockingham CBD.

Shop 10, Shoalwater Shopping Centre Shoalwater, WA, 6168

Head inside towards the back of the complex. We’re located next to the bakery.

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Olympifit caters to all levels of experience. Our personalised programs are tailored to individual needs, making them ideal for both beginners and seasoned lifters.
Weightlifting offers seniors improved bone density, co-ordination, balance, and overall strength. Coach Bob is experienced in adapting workouts, ensure tailored exercises for all fitness levels. Join Olympifit to boost your vitality and well-being!
Getting started is easy! Visit our gym in Shoalwater, WA, and have a chat with Bob. He will guide you through a session on weightlifting technique which helps him analyse your movement patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. This complimentary session helps Bob craft a personalised weightlifting program just for you.

Following this session you will embark on a 10-week weightlifting program designed exclusively for your fitness goals. At the end of this period, you will undergo a strength test, offering valuable insights for Bob to fine-tune your program. Every 10 weeks, your program evolves based on your progress and results.

Bob is always present during gym hours, he oversees lifts, provides guidance, and adjusts techniques as needed. This isn’t a gym where you’re left to your own devices. Bob cares about your progress, goals, and enjoyment in the sport of weightlifting.

Join Olympifit today for a personalised and supportive weightlifting experience.
Tailor your frequency to your strength goals. Our coach can assist in crafting a personalised program, ensuring effective and sustainable progress toward your objectives. For most adults that’s lifting 2-4 times a week, but everyone is different. Join Olympifit for targeted success!