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Building Community: Uncover the Passion and Purpose Behind Weightlifting at Olympifit

Our history so far....

About weightlifting at Olympifit

Welcome to Olympifit, a weightlifting gym located in the vibrant community of Shoalwater, and proudly serving the Rockingham region for nearly two decades.

Our gym is more than just a place to lift weights; we are a community-driven space that caters to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

So, why choose Olympifit for weightlifting? It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s about joining a community that celebrates your fitness journey. It’s about experiencing personalised programs that adapt to your needs and goals. It’s about being guided by passionate professionals like Bob Pavone, who not only teach weightlifting but also instil a love for the sport.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a healthier, stronger you, we invite you to join us at Olympifit. Discover the joy of reaching your weightlifting goals in a supportive community where every lift is a celebration of your success.

1993 - 2000

Founded by Bob Pavone originally as a voluntary weightlifting club at Rockingham PCYC. 

2001 - 2019

Moved to a gym in Rockingham, while also mobile coaching in peoples homes and other gyms & schools around Perth.

2020 - 2021

Back to mobile gym/garage gym during the covid years with Bob making the rounds to check on his clients and correct formin person or over video.

2022 onwards

After finding a suitable gym space, Olympifit moved to Shoalwater, to it’s current home where it’s building a community of weightlifters, young, old and every age in between.
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Bob Pavone

Head Coach & Owner

Bob Pavone’s coaching and competitive career spans over 40 years, coaching journey that’s left an indelible mark on youth, individuals, and masters.

With a notable 15-year tenure as the President of Weightlifting WA and a distinguished lifetime membership, Bob’s expertise is a testament to more than just the weights lifted; it resides in the numerous success stories etched throughout his extensive coaching career.

From cultivating emerging talent to refining the techniques of seasoned masters, Bob has played a pivotal role in transformative weightlifting journeys. His unwavering commitment to excellence and profound passion for the sport have fostered an environment where physical strength is cultivated, and a community of empowered individuals emerges.

Under Bob’s tutelage, you’re not merely enrolling in an Olympic weightlifting program; you’re entering a legacy of fitness mastery that spans decades.

Experience a complimentary session and connect with Bob to explore the positive impact weightlifting can bring to your life. Join us today and discover the potential weightlifting!

weightlifting Competitive highlights

Bob's Competitive career

Before Bob was a great coach, he was an athlete. His competitive career has spanned four decades and enabled him to be able to connect and understand his clients from multiple points of view.

He still has a passion for competitive weightlifting, which he shares with his clients in the gym by encouraging them to sign up for the in house competitions he runs for fun, a few times a year.

While Bob’s competed in numerous competitions over his competitive career, these are a few of his highlights….


1976 World Championships
1977 World Championships
1977 European Championships
1978 Oceanic Championships


1981 Commonwealth Games Trials – injured


1994 World Masters Games – Bronze Medal
1994 Afroasian/Australiasian Games – Gold Medal


2008 Australian Masters Games – Gold Medal
2009 World Masters Games

Weightlifting coaching highlights

Bob's coaching career

For the last 20 years Bob has coached a number of athletes nationally and internationally. He understands that weightlifting has many transferable skills for many sports and lifestyles.

While Bob enjoys the challenge of supporting and encouraging a competitive athlete, the Olympifit gym, is where he comes alive.
Coaching the “everyday athlete” is just as important to Bob, as he understands the how a life can be changed with a strong body and mind.

While Bob’s coached numerous weightlifters over his coaching career, these are a few of his highlights….

International Weightlifting Federation

Invited by the International Weightlifting Federation Solidarity Movement (at the invitation of the International Olympic Committee) to coach and prepare the Tongan national weightlifting team for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.

Strength Coach

East Fremantle WAFL Club
Darling Range Sports College
Scotch College (rowing teams)
MLC College
Penross College
Injustice Crossfit
Chasing Better

Olympics & Commonwealth Games representatives

Australian representative at Althens Olympics
Bronze Medal Commonwealth Games in Javelin

Range of Motion coach

Perth Crossfit
Avada Crossfit


Common weightlifting questions

Olympifit primarily is made up of individual training sessions. However there are always people in the gym to have a chat or joke with between sets.

On occasion Bob may run classes with specific intentions – for example the homeschool weightlifting class or teens class during the school terms. Any classes like this will be specified on the services page of the website.

Olympifit has a variety of membership options starting at $25 for a casual walk in during open gym hours to $200/month for a family membership. Check out out services page for more information.

Yes, Bob absolutely does one-on-one training sessions. He is also available during open gym hours to go over any questions you have and correct technique as you lift.
Yes, weightlifting is a safe and effective exercise for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re a teenager looking to build a strong foundation or a senior aiming to enhance mobility, weightlifting can be tailored to meet individual needs and abilities.

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