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Discover the Power of Olympic Weightlifting Training And Unlock Your Total Body Strength With Our Expert Weightlifting Coach, Bob Pavone.


Experience personalised transformation with our one-on-one coaching sessions and tailor programs to your unique goals. Elevate your fitness journey today — book a personalised coaching session and unlock your full potential.

OPEN GYM sessions

At Olympifit, our open gym sessions welcome everyone – from the spirited kids to the determined competitors and wise seniors. Join our supportive community and embrace your unique fitness journey every morning and afternoon. It’s where strength meets versatility, and everyday greatness takes centre stage!


Dive into a world of strength training with our classes catering to young and old. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been training for years, there’s a class for everyone. Join our strength training classes and experience the transformative power of lifting weights.

A CUSTOMIsed olympic weighlifting PROGRAM – JUST FOR YOU

Receive an individually-crafted, customised olympic weightlifting plan just for you.
Our head coach, Bob Pavone, has extensive experience tailoring weightlifting programs to suit YOUR goals and YOUR body.

Coach Bob collaborates with you to understand your ambitions, lifestyle, and any unique considerations. The result? A roadmap that not only helps you reach your goals but makes the journey enjoyable, sustainable, and filled with victories.

The benefits of olympic weightlifting extend far beyond the immediate physical changes. It’s about cultivating a body that is stable, mobile, and resilient, creating a solid foundation for a life filled with vitality and well-being.

Join the ranks of those who have experienced the transformative power of personalised coaching and discover the power of stability, mobility, and strength on your fitness journey.

Olympic Strength Training Perth
Olympic Weightlifting Beginners, Rockingham
Olympic Weightlifting Club, Shoalwater, Perth, WA


We know a positive attitude is everything. We work together to deliver results in a friendly, fun, and supportive environment where everyone knows your name. At our gym, we take pride in fostering a friendly atmosphere. We believe that fitness is not just a personal journey but a shared experience that extends to every member of your family.

We understand the value of family time, and that’s why we offer family memberships tailored to accommodate the fitness goals of every age group. Whether it’s a weekend family workout or attending classes side by side, our gym is committed to making your experience a collective celebration of health.

Olympic weightlifting for all ages

Ready to dive into the incredible world of olympic weightlifting? Whether you’re a pre-teen or rocking your golden years at 70, guess what? Weightlifting is the ultimate fountain of youth, and beneficial for all.

For the young it’s a great way to build confidence and muscle mass, or protect against a sedentary lifestyle.

For the older client, olympic weightlifting becomes an ally in preserving bone density, enhancing mobility, and fostering independence. It’s a testament that age is just a number, and every lift is a celebration of a life well-lived.
Olympic Weightlifting for Children/Kids Perth

Our Location

Located in the beachy suburb of Shoalwater, close to Rockingham CBD. 

Shop 10, Shoalwater Shopping Centre
Shoalwater, WA, 6168

Head inside towards the back of the complex. We’re located next to the bakery.
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Homeschool Weightlifting Classes
Are you homeschooling and looking for a social and fun activity for your kids to join in on? Then our homeschool weightlifting class is for you!
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Olympifit, Bob Pavone, Olympic Weightlifting Gym in Rockingham, WA


Strength is our passion

Meet Bob Pavone

Bob Pavone’s legacy extends beyond the gym walls, with an illustrious 40+ year coaching journey that has touched the lives of youth, individuals, and masters alike.
His expertise is not just measured in weights lifted but in the countless success stories etched in the history of his coaching career.

From mentoring the rising stars of tomorrow to guiding individuals towards personal triumphs, and refining the techniques of seasoned masters, Bob has been a cornerstone in the transformational journey of countless individuals within the WA community.

His commitment to excellence and passion for the sport create an environment where not only physical strength is cultivated but where a community of empowered individuals emerges. Under Bob’s guidance, you’re not just receiving an olympic weightlifting program; you’re stepping into a legacy of fitness mastery that spans decades.

Join the ranks of those who have soared to the pinnacle of the sport under Bob’s tutelage and discover the transformative power of personalised coaching today.

Olympifit, olympic weightlifting perth
Olympifit, olympic weightlifting program

Olympic weightlifting in shoalwater, wa

About Olympifit

While currently located in Shoalwater WA, Olympifit has been in a fixture in the Rockingham region for almost 20 years.

Catering to individuals young and old, the gym filled with friendly faces and encouraging words. It’s a great place to learn how to weightlift, increase your strength and mobility and know you are in a space where your fitness journey is celebrated.

Bob Pavone is the heart and soul of Olympifit and embodies the essence of the gym’s friendly atmosphere. Whether he’s coaching kids, seniors, or competitive athletes, Bob’s passion for teaching weightlifting shines through, creating an beneficial environment for everyone.

So, whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just starting out, we invite you to join us in Shoalwater. Take the first step towards a healthier and stronger you – visit Olympifit today and discover the joy of reaching your fitness goals with a supportive community by your side!

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I had my rotator cuff reattached and the sports physio had plateued. I needed to get mobility and strength back. I came to Bob with a T-rex arm (unable to lift elbow from side). I started exactly 6mths post-op.

I've got a photo of me lifting 40kgs straight above my head at exactly 12 months post-op. The surgeon didn't believe me until I sent him the photo.
Bob changed my program (and does so for everyone) every time I went. His knowledge of muscles and rehab is spot-on. It takes me 35mins to drive there and it's worth it!!!!!

I've always found gyms daunting and "cold" unless you're there with a friend. Olympifit is a smaller gym and everyone is so friendly and accepting, so it makes your workout a fun social event. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this amazing coach and gym.
Vicky McGrady
Prior to commencing my weightlifting journey I suffered from almost daily “tension” headaches. I had been suffering from these headaches for up to 7 years. I would wake up with a headache and go to bed with a headache on an almost daily basis. It made life pretty tough to cope with 2 young children and work, being in constant pain. However, within 4 weeks of starting training my headaches subsided. I now very rarely get a headache and if I do it’s because I have missed a training session or 2!!

I am so grateful that I found weightlifting and the Olympifit team and although I have been a regular exerciser for many years participating in group fitness classes I had not found anything that helped relieve my headaches or the pain in my shoulder. Given the significant changes I have already experienced I look forward to seeing the other ways weightlifting can help support my mindset and body over the in the years to come. Thanks so much for doing what you do.
Sarah Davies

Weightlifting FAQs

Looking for answers to your olympic weightlifting questions? You've come to the right place!

Olympifit caters to all levels of weightlifting experience, from beginners to seasoned lifters. Bob tailors programs to your individual needs, ensuring a supportive environment for everyone.
Olympifit stands out with its almost two-decade legacy, a friendly community, and professional coaching. Our commitment to personalised attention sets us apart.
Absolutely! Our trainers are experienced in adapting weightlifting programs for individuals with various needs. We prioritise your safety and well-being, creating a fitness plan tailored to your abilities.
Our gym is well-equipped with a range of weightlifting gear, including barbells, weights, weightlifting racks, exercise bikes and lifting platforms to accommodate all types of workouts. There are two rooms and plenty of space to warm up or do mobility work separate to your weightlifting program (or room to stash your kids while you work out).
The frequency of your sessions depends on your fitness goals. Bob will help you create a personalised weightlifting program based on your objectives, ensuring effective and sustainable progress.

No, we don’t offer nutritional guidance as it is not our speciality. Weightlifting is! 

Absolutely! Weightlifting has numerous benefits for seniors, including improved bone density and overall strength. Bob will tailor workouts to accommodate any fitness level or age group.

Do you love a good olympic weightlifting competition?

Do you have ambitions to compete in olympic weightlifting as a junior, individual or master athlete? Coach Bob can help you achieve your goals with specific olympic weightlifting programs to get you there.

When it comes to crafting specific weightlifting programs tailored for competition, Coach Bob brings a wealth of insights. His approach goes beyond sets and reps; it delves into the strategic intricacies of competition preparation, mental resilience, and peak performance. Whether you’re aiming for podium finishes at major competitions or striving for personal bests as a junior or master athlete, our programs are designed to elevate your performance to new heights.

Joining Coach Bob on your olympic weightlifting journey means not just gaining a coach but a mentor who has walked the path of competitive weightlifting at the highest levels. His coaching philosophy is rooted in a profound understanding of the sport, combined with a commitment to empowering athletes to reach their full potential.

If you’re ready to turn your weightlifting ambitions into achievements, Coach Bob Pavone is your expert guide to sculpting success, one lift at a time.

Seniors Olympic Weightlifting Rockingham
Olympic Weightlifting Training kids

Are you a senior and looking to increase your overall mobility?

Seniors Weightlifting Program

Does the idea of squatting down to pick something off the floor make you wonder if you'll ever get back up again?
Seniors weightlifting programs can not only increase your strength, but increase your overall mobility.
Join us for a free class and find out what weightlifting can do for you.